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Latest Papers from Our Fellows

Oleksiyenko, A. (2024). Rethinking academic citizenship for collective agency in times of crisis. Higher Education Quarterly, 

Oleksiyenko, A., Liu, J. and Ngan, C. (2024). Internationalization of higher education research in the Greater Bay Area of China: Building capacities, alleviating asymmetries. Higher Education Quarterly,

Luo, J. (2024). A critical review of GenAI policies in higher education assessment: a call to reconsider the “originality” of students’ work. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 1-14,

Macfarlane, B. (2024). The ideology of crisis in higher education. Higher Education Quarterly,

Macfarlane, B., Bolden, R., & Watermeyer, R. (2024). Three perspectives on leadership in higher education: traditionalist, reformist, pragmatist. Higher Education, 1-22,

Pan, S. (2024). Discursive imaginaries and lived realities in the making of an education hub: The case of Hong Kong. International Journal of Educational Development, 105, 102991,

Shchepetylnykova, L., & Oleksiyenko, A. V. (2024). What comes after post-Soviet? Towards a new concept of de-Sovietization in higher education and research. International Journal of Educational Development, 106,

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