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The Centre for Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies (CHELPS) represents the first and only higher education centre in Hong Kong building relationships with others in Mainland China, East Asia and worldwide. CHELPS is led by Professor Bruce Macfarlane and Professor Anatoly Oleksiyneko and draws on expertise in higher education studies from across The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). CHELPS enhances the quality of research communication and collaborations while connecting scholars and innovative practitioners in the Greater Bay Area, Greater China, Asia, and the world. Our open access journals provide a platform for intellectual debate and exchange between higher education scholars worldwide. The Centre's academic and development programmes include a Master of Arts in Global Higher Education from September 2024, an executive higher education leadership programme, a summer institute, and an intellectual leadership programme. CHELPS welcomes international scholars and institutional leaders eager to learn from Chinese and Asian experiences, as well as building stronger research networks in the field of regional and global higher education. 





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